During hot summers and in warmer climates that face year-round high temperatures, the textile industry is rising to the challenge by introducing innovative solutions that help beat the heat without using air conditioning or other energy-based solutions. Among these advancements is the game-changing concept of moisture-activated cooling for textiles with our technologies, NFC and SFC. By harnessing the power of an endothermic reaction, these textiles provide immediate cooling when moisture, such as sweat, is absorbed into the treated textile and reacts with our unique finishing technology.

The performance benefits of moisture-activated cooling are undeniable. When moisture, such as sweat, is absorbed into textiles treated with NFC and SFC, an endothermic reaction occurs, causing immediate cooling. This cooling effect, typically around 3 degrees Celsius, helps regulate body temperature, preventing overheating and enhancing comfort during physical activities or hot weather conditions.

NFC is specifically designed to provided moisture-activated cooling in 100% cotton and cotton-rich fabrics. While SFC is designed for 100% polyester and polyester-rich fabrics.

Moisture-activated cooling with NFC and SFC in textiles provides consumers with a range of advantages. First and foremost, these textiles prioritize comfort, ensuring that individuals stay cool and refreshed even in the most challenging conditions. Whether it's athletes pushing their limits, workers in demanding environments, or individuals simply going about their daily routines, these textiles offer a respite from heat, leading to improved performance, reduced fatigue, and overall well-being.

Both NFC and SFC represent a breakthrough innovation that addresses the need for high-performance and consumer-centric solutions. By leveraging an endothermic reaction triggered by moisture, these textiles provide immediate cooling, revolutionizing the way we combat heat and stay comfortable in various settings.

As we face the challenges of hot temperatures, moisture activated cooling with NFC and SFC pave the way for a greener and cooler future. Embrace the power of moisture-activated cooling and experience a refreshing breeze.